ortland Shopping

Portland Shopping

Portland has a vibrant and diverse retail scene to suit most interests. For those seeking standard apparel and good prices, there are a number of malls throughout the area. Or for the higher end or more unique items, there are a few shopping districts Downtown that should suit your needs. Below is an overview of the main shopping areas in the Portland area:

Pioneer Square

(Downtown) – The Nordstrom department store just across the street from Pioneer Square is the anchor for all of downtown shopping. As you walk around this area, you will find flagship retail presences for all of the top brands such as Banana Republic, Macys, and Abercrombie & Fitch. Many smaller local stores dot the roads in and around the area.

Pioneer Place

(Downtown) – Pioneer Place is the main shopping mall in Downtown Portland. The mall features higher end brands such as Saks 5th Avenue and Tiffanys, but is also home to others such as J Crew and The Gap. The mall was built in the early 1990s and is still quite clean and new, and features an underground food court and ample parking. The shopping mall is a nice compliment to pedestrian shopping all around the Pioneer Square area.

Northwest 23rd

(Downtown) – A short drive (from Downtown) up Burnside, and you’ll find the quaint Nob Hill neighborhood. NW 23rd avenue is the cultural artery of this area and is home to many of Portland’s best coffee shops and restaurants. You’ll also find great home-centric shopping in this area with everything from Urban Outfitters to Bed Bath & Beyond, and many artsy shops along the way.

Washington Square

(Tigard) – Recently remodeled, this West side shopping mall now features top brands and even a few new restaurants such as Cheesecake Factory. You’ll find all the essential brands here, though there is little excitement beyond a standard shopping experience. If you seek convenience, this is a good location.

Lloyd Center

– The Lloyd Center mall was the premier urban shopping destination in Portland, until Pioneer Place was developed in the 1990s. With its novel glass ceilings, movie theaters, and ice skating rink, it was the original “shoppertainment” destination for Portland. Well, Portland has grown (and grown up) quite a lot since then, but Lloyd Center is still a great shopping destination, not to be overlooked!

Clackamas Center

The largest mall in the Portland area features a world class ice skating rink in the center, with a food court surround in the mezzanine below. For those who remember Tonya Harding of Olympics fame, this was where she trained! The mall is quite large and has all the major brands you would expect. The clothing choices are a little more conservative than the city center locations, but it reflects the demand of the otherwise more suburban location.


(Tualatin) – Perhaps the newest shopping destination in Portland, Bridgeport is not large but it features some of the very best chain restaurant choices such as McKormicks & Shcmicks, and Macaroni Grill, and a generally more upscale selection of brands. This is an outdoor mall with a large movie theater and a village center, where weekend concerts are enjoyed during the Summer months. This is a great place to go out for dinner or a drink, and catch a movie, if you happen to be on the South side of town.