South of the Broadway Bridge and behind an ornate red gate guarded by a pair of golden lions, is Portland's Old Town Chinatown, a neighborhood rich in the history of the early days of Portland. One of the more interesting facts lies under Portland streets. Commonly know as the Shanghai Tunnels, the Portland Underground ran beneath the city along the waterfront, often connected to brothels, saloons, and gambling parlors. Men visiting these businesses were often "shanghaied", or drugged and taken prisoner, and then dragged into the tunnels to be sold to sea captains as slave labor. Women were sometimes taken into slave labor as well. At that time, Portland was considered to be one of the most dangerous ports in the world. Today, visitors are able to tour the tunnels.

The Classical Chinese Garden is an oasis of tranquility amidst the hubbub of the city. Covering the entire city block, the Chinese Garden features exquisite gardens separated by serpentine walkways, as well as a tea house that serves many varieties of tea.

Saturday Market is a favorite place to be on Saturday and Sunday afternoons from late March through Christmas Eve. Handmade arts, crafts and food are sold from white tents and booths that are set up under the Burnside Bridge.

Recently, many of Chinatown's Chinese restaurants have relocated to 82nd Avenue which is becoming known as "the new Chinatown".